Cal students are the best!

I have been very fortunate to work with such outstanding individuals. In the last 13 years I have had:

59 undergraduate researchers (half of which are women and underrepresented minorities)

38 undergraduates have received awards

An undergraduate from the my laboratory has won one or both of the distinguished awards in biology at Berkeley (Departmental Citation or LeConte Award for Research) 11 of the 13 years since I arrived at Berkeley.

31 undergraduate research presentations have been given at national and international meetings

19 manuscripts have been published with an undergraduate student author

44 abstracts have been published with an undergraduate student author

Undergraduates Participating in Research – Last Known Status

  • Ahn, Anna / Postdoc at Harvard University
  • Anderson, Bruce / PhD program Berkeley
  • Arnaud, Paul-Henri / computer programming
  • Balint, Claire / PhD program MBL, Woods Hole and Berkeley
  • Bashore. Claudia
  • Berger, Jeremy
  • Berns, Madalyn / PhD MIT
  • Bishop Moser, Joshua
  • Bourgain-Chang, Eric
  • Brown, Matt
  • Chang, Chanson / Cornell University
  • Chang, Kevin / Dental school UCSF
  • Chavdarian. Aram
  • Chen, Crystal
  • Chen, Ed / Pixar
  • Chen, Tao / Oliver Wyman
  • Chen, Tim
  • Chitaphan, C
  • Chiu, Alan / Medical school
  • Chow, Song / Medical school Stanford
  • Chun, David / Medical school
  • Chung, John / PhD Program Univ. Michigan
  • Comendant, Tosha
  • DiRocco, Angela
  • Doherty, Rene
  • Earls, Kay / PhD program Brown Univ.
  • Eckel, Chris, M / PhD’s program Berkeley
  • Emon, Nora / Medical school UCSF
  • Emshwiller, Maya / PhD program Univ. of Colorado
  • Fallejo, Sam
  • Gao, Peiran
  • Gooding, Justin / Medical school
  • Hang, Jemey
  • Hayden, Jennifer
  • Hoekstra, Hopi / PhD program Univ. of Washington
  • Hsieh, Emmelyn
  • Hsieh, Tonia / PhD Program Harvard
  • Jagger, Amy
  • Jindrich, Devin / Postdoc at Harvard University
  • Juliann. Chen
  • Ko, Christine / Master’s program / medical School
  • Kubow, Timothy / UCSF & Berkeley PhD Program
  • Lee, Chai Sue / MD/PhD program UCSF
  • Lerner, Lora / Graduate school interest
  • Li, Debbie / PhD Stanford
  • Libby, Tom / Technical Director-CIBER
  • Lie, Stephanie
  • Lotto, Bo / PhD program England
  • Lum, Robert
  • Mahavadi, Anil
  • Min, Carol – Kaiser Physician
  • Moon, Jason
  • Moon, W.
  • Moore, Talia / PhD Harvard University
  • Moran, Dan
  • Mueller, Rachel
  • Mullens, Christopher
  • Najman, Laura / Veterinary School UC Davis
  • Noy, David – computer programming
  • Nuygen, Anne
  • Patel, Nilesh / Medical School
  • Pathak, Avantika
  • Perng, Yung-En
  • Pham, Diem / Medical school
  • Segel, Jeff / PhD program University of Chicago
  • Tan, Irene / Dental school UCSF
  • Ting, Lena / PhD program Stanford / Postdoc Universite de Paris V / Postdoc Oregon Health and Science University / Associate Professor – W.H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering, Emory University and Georgia Tech
  • Tobias, Paul
  • Trejo, Raul / Harvard Medical School
  • Tu, Mike, / PhD Univ. of Chicago / Post University of Washington
  • Tullis, Alexa / PhD Univ. of Chicago / Professor Univ. of Puget Sound
  • Van Laarhoven, Marianne / PhD program UC Riverside/ Univ. Illinois
  • Whang, John
  • Wong, Ben / Medical school UC San Diego
  • Wong, Stan, / Dental school UCSF
  • Yamauchi, Angela / PhD program Univ. of Utah
  • Yeates, Kyle
  • Yu, Kelly
  • Zuccarello, Danielle / PhD Program Univ. of Chicago
  • Zhuang, Vicky

Undergraduate Student Awards / Fellowships

  1. Song Chow – Department Citation in Zoology (co-sponsor Caldwell)
  2. Alexa Tullis – UC Presidential Fellowship
  3. Alexa Tullis – Department Citation in Zoology
  4. Alexa Tullis – NSF Graduate Fellowship
  5. Michael Tu – UC Presidential Fellowship
  6. Michael Tu – Joseph LaConte Award in Zoology
  7. Michael Tu – NSF Graduate Fellowship
  8. Carol Min – Department Citation in Biology
  9. Diem Pham – UC Presidential Fellowship
  10. Lora Lerner – Department Citation in Biology
  11. David Chun – UC Presidential Fellowship
  12. Lena Ting – UC Presidential Fellowship
  13. Stan Wong – UC Presidential Fellowship
  14. Irene Tan – UC Presidential Fellowship
  15. Anna Ahn – NSF REU Supplement
  16. Anna Ahn – Department Citation in Integrative Biology
  17. Kay Earls – Joseph LaConte Award in Integrative Biology
  18. Devin Jindrich – NSF Graduate Fellowship
  19. Angela Yamauchi – UC Presidential Fellowship
  20. Chi Sue Lee – UC Presidential Fellowship
  21. Chi Sue Lee – Joseph LaConte Award in Integrative Biology
  22. Hopi Hoekstra – Hughes Fellowship
  23. Hopi Hoekstra – Department Citation in Integrative Biology
  24. Kevin Chang – UC Presidential Fellowship
  25. Kevin Chang – NSF REU Supplement
  26. Tosha Comdiment – UC Presidential Fellowship
  27. Nilesh Patel – UC Presidential Fellowship
  28. Raul Trejo – NSF REU Supplement
  29. Raul Trejo – UC Presidential Fellowship
  30. Raul Trejo – NSF Speaker on Diversity in Science
  31. Rachel Mueller – Department Citation in Integrative Biology
  32. Jennifer Hayden – Department Citation in Integrative Biology ­ 1996
  33. Jeremy Berger – UC Presidential Fellowship 96
  34. Tim Kubow – Chancellor’s Student Activities Funds award
  35. Tim Kubow – UC Presidential Fellowship 97
  36. Stephanie Lie – UC Presidential Fellowship 97
  37. John Chung – UC Presidential Fellowship 98
  38. Tonia Hsieh – Department Citation in Integrative Biology – 1998

Undergraduate Student Presentations at National / International Scientific Meetings

Undergraduate students can give outstanding scientific presentations if they have help.

To this end, several years ago, I initiated and composed an amendment to the constitution of the American Society of Zoologists (a 100 year old society now renamed the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology) that allowed undergraduates to join the society and present their research at a national meeting with the consent of a faculty sponsor. It passed.

Papers/posters presented by undergraduate students at:

American Society of Zoologists Meeting- ASZ

American Physiological Society – APS

International Union of Biological Sciences – IUBS

Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology – SICB

    1. Tu, M.S. 1988 – ASZ
    2. Tullis, A. 1988 – ASZ
    3. Zuccarello, D.A. 1988 – ASZ
    4. Anderson, B.D. 1988 – ASZ
    5. Anderson, B.D 1989 – ASZ
    6. Ting, L.H. 1989 – ASZ
    7. Tullis, A. 1989 – ASZ
    8. Pham, D.T. 1989 – ASZ
    9. Zuccarello, D.A. 1989 – ASZ
    10. Anderson, B.D. 1990 – ASZ
    11. Wong, S.K. 1990 – ASZ
    12. Tan, I.C. 1990 – ASZ
    13. Ting, L. 1990 – ASZ
    14. Ahn, A. 1991 – ASZ
    15. Lee, C.S. 1992 – ASZ
    16. Ahn, A. 1992 – ASZ
    17. Yamauchi. A. 1992 – ASZ
    18. Van Laarhoven, M. 1993 – ASZ
    19. Ahn, A. 1993 – ASZ
    20. Lee, C.S. 1993 – ASZ
    21. Hoekstra, H. 1993 – ASZ
    22. Yamauchi, A.1993 – ASZ
    23. Eckel, C. 1993 – ASZ
    24. Jindrich, D. 1994 – ASZ
    25. Jindrich, D. 1994- APS
    26. Jindrich, D. 1995 – IUBS, England
    27. Jindrich, D. 1996 – SICB
    28. Timothy Kubow 1996 ­ SICB
    29. Timothy Kubow 1997 ­ SICB
    30. Tonia Hsieh 1998 ­ SICB
    31. Timothy Kubow 1998 ­ SICB

Undergraduate Student Publications

Papers with at least one undergraduate student author (in italics):
1. Full, R.J., Anderson, B.D., Finnerty, C.M. and Feder, M.E. 1988. Exercising with and without lungs: I. The effects of metabolic cost, maximal oxygen transport and body size on terrestrial locomotion in salamander species. J. exp. Bio. 138, 471-485.

2. Full, R.J., Caldwell, R.L. and Chow, S. 1989. Smashing energetics: prey selection and feeding efficiency of the stomatopod, Gonodactylus bredini . Ethology. 82, 134-147.

3. Full, R.J., Tu, M.S. and Ting, L. 1989. Dynamics of insect locomotion compared to hexapod walking machine models. Proc. Amer. Soc. Mech. Engineering. DSC 17, 35-40.

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16. Full, R.J., Yamauchi. A. and Jindrich, D.L. 1995. Single leg force production: cockroaches righting and running on photoelastic gelatin. J. exp Bio. 198, 2441-2452.

17. Kram, R., Wong, B. and Full, R.J. 1997. Three dimensional kinematics and limb kinetic energies of running cockroaches. J. exp Bio. 200, 1919-1929.

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19. Kubow T. M. and R.J. Full. 1999. The role of the mechanical system in control: A hypothesis of self-stabilization in hexapedal runners. Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc. London B. 354, 849-862.

Abstracts with at least one undergraduate student author

1. Full, R.J., Anderson, B.D., Finnerty, C.M. and Feder, M.E. 1987. Lunged versus lunged salamanders: Terrestrial locomotion energetics and endurance. Amer. Zool. 27: 8A.

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